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SUN SPECK is powered by a solar array consisting of six 270-watt solar panels. This allows us to keep mobile devices charged in a green and sustainable environment. Not only does the SUN SPECK keep batteries charged, its also stocked with a wide line of green solar powered lifestyle prodcuts. Portable solar panels with batteries, backpacks, camping gear all designed for life on the go and off the grid.

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SolarGo Packs are backpacks with built in solar panels with an included battery for keeping charged on the go. Keeping mobile devices charged on the go has never been easier!

Our solar backpacks come in five different color options. The battery and solar panel are both removable and easy to connect. These stylish and durable backpacks come with everything you’ll need to stay charged on the go including:

  • 5 watt Solar Panel
  • 12,000 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Adaptors to connect almost any device

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